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Highland Resources, Inc. (“HIGHLAND”) is a family-owned real estate investment and development company with a proud history and remarkable track record of success in developing residential and commercial projects. The company has accumulated and owns more than 25,000 acres of land, 5.6 million square-feet of industrial space and numerous office buildings and shopping centers in Texas and Arkansas.


The HIGHLAND Team was in need of a business website re-vamp and reached out to MODERN WHOLE through a client referral. HIGHLAND is a successful commercial real estate brand and this success and solid performance record was clearly evident on the previous web site version. But like many established successful businesses, as the business grew… the website didn’t. It was important to help HIHGLAND re-brand and re-launch their website for the mobile, wifi-connected commercial real estate market of 2014.


Commercial Real Estate Solutions

While the initial web design was great for it’s time, it was primarily a “founder-focused” strategy. As Highland Resources has grown, so has it’s team…and it was time for the company to extend its brand recognition into new commercial markets.

At its core, the digital strategy for this project focused on making the HIGHLAND brand a recognizable centerpiece for the future.  The Highland team visualized seeing the Highland logo associated with all of it’s projects in the marketplace… and the new website was the first step. Using vivid photography of Highland properties, our team was able to design and develop a fully responsive website built on a customized CMS backend.


Highland Resources - Commercial Real Estate Web Design


Since an oil & gas spinout in 1983-84, Highland has been primarily a real estate company. Currently, Highland’s real estate portfolio is valued in excess of $275,000,000

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