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Founded by Danisha Danielle Hoston in 2003, Hoston & Associates of KW Commercial, is a full-service leading commercial team of agents in Los Angeles that prides itself on integrity, vision, and outstanding service.

Danisha Daniell and Hoston Associates Keller Williams Real Estate Team

This commercial real estate team consistently sees new opportunities, innovative strategies to add value, unique ways to invest in the current market, and build wealth for their California clientele.


As our digital strategist, Alverez, worked with Danisha Danielle to build & produce content her personal brand, MODERN WHOLE began to conceptualize a re-vamp of her real estate brand’s website.


Los Angeles Real Estate Website

Previous Website

The previous Hoston & Associates website had a few positives going for it. The logo was clear and present, the content was clear and available and the brand’s color guidelines were clearly established. But the website front-end, back-end and overall layout & structure were dated and not optimized for mobile or tablet devices. Needless to say… we both knew it was time for an update.

Hoston Associates - Previous Website

New Website

For the new website, MODERN WHOLE used this opportunity to build a more comprehensive interface and listing system for the HOSTON Team’s real estate clients & visitors. The front page featured a customized api install of the HOSTON Properties Closing Map which immediately showcased the team’s success in the Los Angeles commercial real estate market.

On the inner properties listing page, MW integrated a custom property listing query to allow search refinement (by type, contact or price) and display immediate property status (in escrow, sold, available).

Hoston Associates Los Angeles Real Estate Properties Listing

Throughout the project process, the MW team assisted HOSTON with social media branding, vector logo refinement and other ESSENTIAL strategic digital marketing initiatives… like Mailchimp. (lol ;-)

After many digital strategy and revision sessions, MODERN WHOLE and HOSTON & ASSOCIATES were able to launch a fully mobile responsive re-vamp of for Danielle Hoston and her commercial real estate team.

Hoston Associates - Los Angeles Commercial Real Estate


As a leading Los Angeles Commercial Real Estate Broker, Danielle Hoston constantly searches for new and innovative ways to add value and increase cash flow to investment properties.”


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