The ICON Team

Introducing the ICON Team

Having sold over $200 million in real estate, The Icon Team has leveraged their creative talent and experience creating one of the most powerful marketing plans in Houston. This gives their represented clients an un-paralleled experience and competitive advantage when it comes to selling a home, regardless of market conditions or price range.

Houston Real Estate - ICON TEAM - Web Design by Modern Whole

Through a personal referral, the ICON Team reached out to MODERN WHOLE to help re-brand and re-launch the real estate team under the “ICON Team” moniker.


Houston Real Estate Digital Strategy

The ICON Team wanted to establish their brand and setup digital properties as soon as possible. To do so, MW setup a custom branded landing page for the company to begin converting search and social media visitors as soon as possible. This also allowed the ICON TEAM to begin using their branded domain url as an email address and begin the crawling process for optimal search engine placement in the future.

Icon Team Landing Page

It was important for the ICON TEAM’s new look and logo to stand out among competition in the Houston market place. The team’s target market included a younger, more mobile demographic of homebuyers and it was important to build a brand that this audience could identify with. It was also important for the website to highlight the team’s “twilight” property photography and tie-in their key relationships with builders for real estate development marketing.

Icon Team Branding Houston Web Design

After WHOLESCOPE™ digital strategy sessions with the ICON TEAM’s creative director, Keith Van Ness, MODERN WHOLE was able to design a scalable vector logo to represent the ICON TEAM brand. After approval, MW proceeded into producing sketches and wireframes for what would eventually become the website.

Again, focusing on the ICON TEAM’s new opportunities with mobile, millennial home buyers and sellers, it was important for the web site to be accessible on all digital platforms….. mobile, tablet and desktop. Using the strength of the “Team” as our focus, MW delivered a scalable, mobile responsive website built on our custom boilerplate backend.

icon team real estate web design houson Texas


Sell with Us. If you want the best value for your home you need the best real estate team to go to work for you.”

Jeremy Larkin, Managing Partner